Essay handed in and considering buying a new car

I recently blogged about how I cheated by ordering a reflective research paper I have to write soon. I’m glad I did do it and I’m glad that this blog is anonymous because the shame is quite bad.

But I would never have got the reflective essay written to the standard I need is to write without the help I’ve had. I ordered it from a professional writing help service, where they have high quality writers you write essays and papers to the standard you want. I was a bit shocked when I got it back but it’s giving me great ideas on how I can improve it and structure things were different. So it really helped me to open my mind up to what I need to do and how I need to think.

That’s really good and I would not have been able to hand in a reflective essay anywhere near what I’m going to have had it not been for that writing help. I hope I can use it as a learning curve now and in a few essays time I will need any writing help at all.

I’ve also decided I’m going to buy new car. My wife has a new car, well a two-year-old car, and mine is 10 years old and it’s just cost a bit of money. I think it’s time to bite the bullet and just upgrade to a new one. We have plenty of money so it’s not a problem and I’m not really confident that it’s reliable any more, so I need something more reliable even though I will not use it much because I’m working from home so often.

But I think it’s the shiny new thing syndrome which is creeping in. I never really care about cars, but suddenly I’m looking at cars everywhere, looking at prices and starting to realise I’m getting a bit obsessed with buying one. That’s not a bad thing and I’m hoping that I can get it resolved soon, I’m going to look at some tomorrow and I’ll probably end up buying one.

Right, that’s enough blogging from me I do have to get on with this reflective essay I really have two make sure that what I handing is excellent, so it’s time for me to stop blogging and get back to work.