A very lonely walk in the park with a missing dog

Well tonight was a funny old evening. Everyone was occupied so I thought I would take the dog for a walk in the park before getting back to say good night to the kids and put them to bed.

I took her to the local park and as usual I let her off the lead and she ran off. This time she didn’t come back as she usually does, she ran right across the park and into the woods on the far side. She then didn’t come out. I wandered over and realised that she was not anywhere to be seen.

It was really concerning and in the end I had to stand in the middle of the park calling her for half an hour. She came towards me from a different direction, I think she had gone straight through the woods that circled the park. I think she might have chased something into the woods and got lost.

Anyway, by the time I got home the kids were already in bed and a 10 minute walk turned into an hour-long walk to the park, stand around and then walked home.

I’m surprised but my reflective essay has already arrived, I only ordered it three days ago. It’s a reflective research paper that I have to hand in in two weeks time and I have to say that I’m glad I got that help.

I think I said already I needed some writing help, and that I was going to cheat to get it. Well I am glad I did because it has showed me the standards which I need to write and I am quite shocked because I was nowhere near that.

So I’m now going to spend the next few days making my own version of it, by editing it and adding in my own thoughts and feelings to make it more of a reflective essay that I would construct, but using the structure and depth that has been highlighted to me. So I have to say that I’m glad I did it and I will do again because it opened my eyes to what I need to achieve.