My reasons for starting a blog

There’s no profit in blogging and it is probably seen by many people as a bit of a waste of time if you are just spilling out your thoughts, hopes, fears, everything into writing that most people will not read and anybody who does probably won’t understand, empathise with or care about.

But then I think that’s missing the point about personal blogging a lot of it is about therapy in a way. It’s about sharing things and getting them off your chest, getting out of your head and I think in a way resolving them. Anyway, that’s how I am seeing it and that’s my main reason starting this blog.

So I suppose I have to say straight away that if you are reading this, you may not find anything in this blog to help you in your life. You may not even find anything that will entertain or inform you. This is purely about me spilling out my hopes, fears, dreams and worries about things going on in my life.

I used to keep the diary when I was little and I suppose this is the same. People write diaries that nobody else is going to read, and this is I think an electronic version of that.

When I was younger I used to find that writing about things would help me to get them off my chest, and I’m hoping that that’s the same with this. Even if nobody reads it, it gives me an anonymous little outlet so that I can deal with some of the issues I face.

I’m a bit anxious generally in life and I’m worried that this degree course will ramp up the pressure on me in a way it hasn’t before and I have several things that I’m very concerned about. I will talk about my course more in detail in my next blog post I think, but suffice to say right at this moment it is causing me quite a lot of stress and I want to get it right for my own future and to help my family have a better future.